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27 Dec, 2023

ArConnect launches fiat to AR token onramp

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Matt DiRienzo

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ArConnect has partnered with Onramper to give users the ability to purchase AR Tokens directly from their ArConnect wallets. Onramper, a leading fiat-to-crypto onramp service, has aggregated 15+ onramp providers and supports >180 payment methods. ArConnect users now have access to Onramper’s partners that support AR.

How to purchase AR Tokens


  1. Open your ArConnect wallet

  2. Click the Buy AR on your ArConnect Dashboard

  3. Enter the amount of AR Tokens you want to purchase

  4. Select the fiat currency* and payment method for your purchase

  5. Confirm your AR Token purchase details

  6. Complete the one time Onramper verification process

  7. Enter payment method

  8. Done!

* Unfortunately, for United States residents, no on-ramp services are available… yet.

Getted started with your first purchase

If you aren’t an ArConnect user yet and you want to purchase AR Tokens, download the browser extension in seconds here. No better way to end your 2023 than starting your Arweave journey!

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