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ArConnect is the simplest and most secure way to Store, Transfer, Swap and Access Dapps on Arweave. To help you ease into the permaweb, please select which of these best describes you.

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Store & TransferArweave assets

With ArConnect's user-friendly interface, you can manage your Arweave balance, view and transfer assets, and see your latest transactions. The extension allows you to add all your wallets and switch between them easily.

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Access Dappson the permaweb

ArConnect is your go-to solution to access Dapps while learning about the permaweb ecosystem.

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Develop on ArConnect

For Developers, ArConnect allows you to use developer-friendly tools to integrate and build on ArConnect seamlessly. Explore our developer documentation to get started.

Get Started
const tx = await
arweave.createTransaction({/* config */});

await arweave.transactions.sign(tx);
await arweave.transactions.post(tx);


Top-notch Security

ArConnect features a robust permissions system, application allowances, and the ability to easily track all ArConnected activity through Dapps.

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Here to answer your questions

Our community of Arweavers is quickly growing. If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback, please let us know!

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What is ArConnect?

ArConnect is a crypto wallet that allows you to store, send, receive, and (soon) swap tokens on the blockweave.

What is a Non-custodial wallet?

A non-custodial wallet stores the crypto you own and you alone have access to it.

What is a Browser extension?

A browser extension is piece of software that adds additional features and functions to your browser. Crypto wallets are often installed as browser extensions.

What happens to my old Arweave wallet?

You can use any existing Arweave wallets inside of ArConnect!

15,000+ people and counting love ArConnect

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Cripto Alfa

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This extension works, congratulations! Please keep updating this fantastic tool

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Marcin Ka┼║mierczak

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Great tool with no issues - Tate & ArConnect team good job developing!

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Kevin Primicerio

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Love this extension. Implementing it on Pianity right now :) Congrats!

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