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Here is a list of applications that support ArConnect. Remember this might not be a complete list, as it is community maintained. You can add your application to the list by creating an issue.

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ArDrive offers never-ending storage of your most valuable files. Pay once and save your memories forever.

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Permaswap is an engineering innovation to refactor AMM. Inspired by Arweave’s SmartWeave, we’ve proposed the SCP theory. By exploring SCP, we’re certain that the approach to building decentralized applications is not limited to the on-chain VM model and that the future of Dapp development will be diverse. The Permaswap Network will prove with a new architecture that decentralization should break the impossible triangle and provide users with a perfect experience.

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Art By City

Art By City is a chain-agnostic Web3 art and creative content protocol built on Arweave. The protocol is governed by the Art By City DAO. The Art By City DAO is a Profit Sharing Community or PSC. The Art By City community governs development of the Art By City protocol, dApps, and tools artists will need to take control of their Web3 experience.

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ECHO is the first decentralized social engagement protocol based on Arweave. Its goal is to provide the fundamental infrastructure of Web3 social by introducing the first comment widget that can be deployed on any Web3 website with permanent data storage, so that users can speak up for themselves in a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant environment.

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A provably neutral publishing platform, built on top of the #FactsProtocol, aimed at dis-intermediating the truth. Publish assertions, and take your position in the Fact Marketplace!

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Pianity is a music NFT platform – built on environmentally-conscious Arweave technology — where musicians and their community gather to create, sell, buy and collect songs in limited editions. Pianity’s pioneering approach, which includes free listening for all, enables deeper connections between artists and their audience.

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Arweave Name Service (ANS) is a popular name service built on top of the Arweave blockchain. Buy your domain once, own forever.

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