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31 Oct, 2023

ArConnect Integrates’s Wayfinder for Enhanced Gateway Support

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of an integration with's Wayfinder. Born from a collaboration between ArConnect and, the Wayfinder integration is our latest endeavor to redefine how ArConnect users interact with the permaweb.

The Permaweb, built atop Arweave, is a decentralized web ensuring resilience of diverse content, be it images, music or entire web applications. Users can access this vast repository directly from the traditional web through gateways that serve as front doors to the permaweb. And with the introduction of Wayfinder, these gateways are getting a significant upgrade.

Why is Wayfinder Significant?

Embracing network's vision, Wayfinder decentralizes gateway access, reducing reliance on single entities and amplifying network resilience. It ensures users are always connected to the most efficient and dependable entry points on the permaweb, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to information at all times.

What is Wayfinder?

At its core, Wayfinder implements a sophisticated sorting algorithm that chooses the optimal gateway for each user request and redirects users there.

For instance, for users sending a transaction, Wayfinder might select a nearby gateway for quicker processing. When fetching extensive datasets, it leans towards gateways known for high bandwidth. And for popular dApps, a less congested gateway might be chosen to ensure a smooth experience.

These gateways are sourced from's decentralized gateway network via a comprehensive registry that provides detailed insights into each gateway's status, domain names, and other relevant information.

How does Wayfinder work?

How does Wayfinder work?

The beauty of Wayfinder lies in its simplicity and efficiency. It operates using the ar:// protocol, a unique web address schema powered by the network. Whether you're using ArNS names or Arweave transaction ids, Wayfinder seamlessly redirects users to the optimal gateway. Behind the scenes, Wayfinder is regularly monitoring the health and performance of gateways to ensure users always have the best experience connecting to the permaweb.

And the best part? Wayfinder is integrated directly into ArConnect. No additional software installations are required.

Wayfinder is integrated directly into ArConnect.

Simply head over to the ArConnect settings and enable Wayfinder to embark on a smoother, faster permaweb journey.

In Conclusion

With the introduction of Wayfinder, ArConnect is taking a monumental step towards a more resilient and user-friendly experience ensuring seamless uninterrupted access to the permaweb. Make sure you have the latest version of ArConnect installed to begin using Wayfinder.

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