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04 Jan, 2024

Where do wallets fit in the world of crypto?

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Rohit Pathare

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A fundamental question frequently asked by those new to the world of crypto is, “what is a crypto wallet?”

To manage assets on the blockchain and interact with blockchain-based applications, you need to use “accounts.” These accounts are secured with unique cryptographic “keys.” Just as you need a password for accessing and using your bank accounts or social logins, keys are required to access and use accounts on blockchains.

“Wallets” are special tools that provide secure solutions that facilitate the storage, organization and utilization of these keys for managing assets and interactions on blockchains.

Wallets are primarily of two types: software and hardware. Software wallets are akin to digital banking apps, downloadable on devices like laptops for quick and easy asset management. Hardware wallets, conversely, are physical devices safeguarding your keys offline for enhanced security, trading some convenience for robust protection, similar to a safe for valuables.

Moreover, wallets can be categorized as custodial or non-custodial. Custodial wallets are managed by third-party services, meaning they keep your keys for you, similar to how a bank manages your money. Non-custodial wallets, on the other hand, give you complete control over your keys — thereby offering you complete autonomy over all your assets and interactions on blockchains.

Features of a Good Wallet

Selecting the right wallet is crucial in the world of crypto, as it directly impacts the security and efficiency of your on-chain interactions.

When selecting a wallet, features prioritizing robust security for protecting your digital assets and privacy are essential. Additionally, user-friendly and intuitive interfaces make it easy to use. Finally, a comprehensive support system with ongoing feature enhancements and responsive assistance ensures you continue to have a reliable user experience over time.

A good wallet should empower you to have control over all your assets and interactions with blockchain applications.

Arweave and ArConnect

The world of crypto is diverse, with various blockchains supporting different purposes, each having its corresponding wallet infrastructure.

Arweave is a blockchain prioritizing permanent data storage, and ArConnect is a browser-based non-custodial wallet for managing accounts on Arweave.

ArConnect enables you to securely generate and manage accounts and their corresponding keys, interact with applications, view and manage assets, and track transaction histories with an easy-to-use interface.

You can effortlessly send and receive tokens, as well as buy tokens from the built-in fiat-to-crypto onramp, making ArConnect a comprehensive solution for acquiring and managing tokens on the Arweave network.

Getting Started with ArConnect

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