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Using the Keystone Hardware Wallet with ArConnect

What is Keystone?

  • Keystone is a cold storage for your wallet.

  • It adds another layer of security, on top of Arweave.

  • It is cut off from the internet.

  • It uses biometric and hardware protection.

  • Learn more at

How to use Keystone with ArConnect?

  • Before starting:

  • Head over to settings ⇒ wallets ⇒ add wallet.

  • Click “Connect keystone”.

  • On keystone, go to “Software Wallet” ⇒ ”ArConnect”.

  • Tap “…” and “Connect Software Wallet”.

  • Scan the displayed QR code with the scanner that appeared within ArConnect, after clicking “Connect keystone”.

  • Let ArConnect load the wallet. This might take a few seconds, because ArConnect has to scan multiple frames of QR codes.

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